“Where news and life meets optimism and patriotism.”

Possibility Politics Fun FAQ’s

What is Possibility Politics?

The radio broadcast/podcast conversation where social, political, popular and unpopular culture is seen through the lens of mindfulness, purpose and sarcasm.

Who is Jeff Stein?

The guy who steadfastly believes that we are living in the greatest social, political, economic, spiritual, technological RENAISSANCE in the history of mankind. Jeff Stein is completely convinced of the truth, beauty and perfection of this massive American growth spurt in which we’re living, right now. He lives to love everybody, and everything, all the time (+/-3%).

Break down Possibility Politics in bullet points…

  • The show determined to feelize a path forward, toward a greater good. Not just identifying right or wrong, but love or fear, kindness or cruelty, inspiration or desperation. We believe that government is the art of believing, demonstrating, and legislating that people matter.
  • We mock the social stumbles in our more perfect union.
  • We look at what angers, terrifies or depresses us about current events and reveal the hope/desire underneath that fear – or at least make fun of it, so it doesn’t hurt so badly.
  • We leave the listener better than we found them. Listeners are informed, entertained, relieved, and frequently inspired.

Jeff Stein (host)

Jeff SteinA Tim Russert Democracy Geek, raised by Eisenhower Republicans in Democratic California. For at least a few of his formative years, due to the magic of divorce and re-marriage, he has been the oldest, youngest, middle, and only child; living in urban, suburban, and rural communities. He survived that domestic confusion and emerged with a love of leadership, diplomacy, self-reliance, family, partnership, and solitude – becoming a collector and aficionado of dreams and inspiration.

Previous broadcast credits include:

  • Head of Comedy at Premiere Networks, iHeartMedia (formerly Clear Channel Broadcasting)
  • Producer/Director of Hazardous Comedy Network, Premiere Networks, Clear Channel Broadcasting
  • Producer/Writer for Rick Dees in the Morning, KIIS-FM, Los Angeles
  • Host of Mike and Jeff in the Morning, Hot 97.7, San Francisco Bay Area
  • Host of The Morning Crew on KSFM 102.5, Sacramento
  • Host of Tim McGraw/Faith Hill Spontaneous Combustion Tour, Country Music Television (CMT) Nashville
  • Head of Comedy, On-Air Talent, Chris & Mike and The Morning Zoo, FM102, Sacramento
  • Host of Jeff Edwards Show, Country 105 FM, Sacramento

Juan Velazquez – Engineer

“Executive Brain” Dizon – Executive Producer